**charcter [#vdbf798d]
 **趣味(Alchemy) [#ae342ed8]
 ***Consumable [#qbd226ad]
 |Elixir of Giants|Str + 25|1h|
 |Invisibility Potion|imbiber invisibility|18sec|
 |Elixir of Greater Water Breathing|1h||
 |Superior Healing Potion|||
 |Wildvine Potion|||
 |Greater Mana Potion|||
 |Oil of Immolation|||
 |Elixir of Greater Water Breathing|Allows th Imbiber to breate water|1h|
 |Superior Healing Potion|Restores 700 to 900 health||
 |Wildvine Potion|Restores 1 to 1000 health and 1 to 1000 mana||
 |Greater Mana Potion|Restores 700 to 900 mana||
 |Oil of Immolation|Does 50 fire damage to any enemies within a 5yard radius around the caster every 3 seconds for 15sec||
 |Catseye Elixir|||
 |Elixir of Greater Defense|||
 |Nature Protection Potion|||
 |Frost Protection Potion|||
 |Elixir of Agility|||
 |Mighty Troll's Blood Potion|||
 |Elixir of Fortitude|||
 |Shadow Oil|||
 |Lesser Invisibility Potion|||
 |Mana Potion|||
 |Greater Healing Potion|||
 |Elixir of Ogre's Strength|||
 |Elixir of Firepower|||
 |Elixir of Defense|||
 |Strong Troll's Blood Potion|||
 |Lesser Mana Potion|||
 |Healing Potion|||
 |Minor Magic Resistance Potion|||
 |Elixir of Wisdom|||
 |Holy Protection Potion|||
 |Swim Speed Potion|||
 ***Geagent [#ke9a0a0b]
 |Fir Oil|
 |Blackmouth Oil|
 ***Trade Goods [#z60b6295]
 |Ghost Dye|
 |Transmute: Mithril to Truesilver|
 |Philosophers' Stone|
 |Transmute: Iron to Gold|

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